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Selection of air compressor for laser cutting industry

2019-10-11 16:34

  Explore and understand in the cutting machine industry, the general price of liquid oxygen in barrels is around 500-600 yuan. If you work for 8 hours a day, you can consume this barrel of oxygen in about 4 days. The average cost of oxygen cutting is calculated at more than 120 yuan per day.

  If Yongbang twin-screw compressed air is used as the air source of the laser cutting machine, the cost will be relatively saved. A 500W-1000W laser cutting machine requires about 1 cubic meter of compressed air per minute, 10-13KG of compressed air. Then, an air compressor of about 7.5KW-11KW can be used. The electricity cost for an hour of operation of this air compressor is about 5-8 degrees, and the maximum power consumption for 8 hours a day is about 60 degrees. The electricity cost is calculated. At one yuan, the cost is around 60 yuan. Compared with oxygen cutting, it can save half. Control cost of permanent magnet variable frequency air compressor is about 50 yuan

  Let's calculate a bill, save 60 yuan a day, work 300 days a year, and save 18,000 yuan a year. It can be said that the cost of purchasing the complete set of Yongbang twin-screw air compressor can be recovered in more than a year. Therefore, the laser cutting machine uses compressed air to cut the cost and save the most money.

  Yongbang Machine has customized a matching air compressor for the cutting industry, which can meet the stringent requirements of various laser cutting equipment for water, oil and particles in compressed air; the product uses five-stage filtration, non-heat regeneration adsorption dryer, Pressure dew point can reach -20 ℃ ~ 70 ℃;

  The main engine adopts Yongbang customized main engine. The key components such as pressure sensor and solenoid valve are imported products; this product has high air output, low noise and small vibration; compact structure and convenient maintenance.

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