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Add:No. 9 changchun road, zhengzhou high-tech industrial development zone

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Zhengzhou Yongbang Shotcrete Dedicated Electric Mobile Air Compressor

2019-10-11 16:33

  Special mobile air compressor for shotcrete machine, mobile air compressor matching for shotcrete machine. Consultation with Yongbang Machine Air Compressor Manufacturer. , Electric mobile air compressors and other energy-saving products research and development, design, manufacturing, sales and service in one of the high-tech enterprises.

  Yongbang spraying machine special mobile air compressor, spraying machine supporting mobile air compressor advantages:

  First, the use of ultra-conventional wealth design to ensure the normal operation of the machine under harsh conditions.

  2. Real outdoor design concept, waterproof and dustproof, completely solve your use concerns.

  3. Increase the design of the electrical use design to ensure that the voltage fluctuation range can work normally within 15%.

  24. Local air switch protection to ensure the reliable operation of the machine.

  5. Cooperate with international professional control valve manufacturers and verify hundreds of thousands of fatigue tests to ensure your every gas demand.

  26. Intelligent controller, simple and clear operating system, real-time detection of each running state of the machine.

  7. All-steel pipelines and flexible connections to prevent leakage caused by aging and bursting of pipelines and reduce pressure loss in oil circuits.

  VIII. Deep cooperation with international professional air filter, oil filter and oil fine separator manufacturers to ensure the reliable and stable operation of the machine

  IX. The advanced modular design concept and unique air duct design are reflected in the ingenuity of every detail to ensure that each machine is efficient and reliable.

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